Luis Alandy Transcript in DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

1. What do you mostly hate about showbusiness?
- Honestly, the kaplastikan, the artists themselves.
2. Who is your man crush?
- Local?
MO: im very open to that, I like Bamboo.
- I think it's Jericho
Mojojo : We have something in common, Echo is hot!
- He was just like my mentor, I saw him act, He was awesome.
MO : Nice guy, I like his curly hair, the chest was good when his shirt's off.
Mojojo: I don't mind joining him play basketball.
3. The worst thing youve done to a fan?
- Making me sign in his passbook, it's legal matters, bawal ata yon, so ayun..
We were in the show, i forgot the place, there were people downstairs, covering our face people are scratching, then one guy, or gay something grabbed my you know...not only me, but also some celebrities also were there, and i grab his hand and pushed him over.
Mojojo : I'm sorry for doing you that (laughs)
4. Have you ever cheated on your gf?
- Yes. with Tin arnaldo way back. Well, not really cheated. But yes I did.

5. How far how you gone to check if your gf is cheating you?
- I never checked their cel or emails. The last time it happened was i think with Tin, then Des. The last time it happened. I just asked my friends if they see them often in a bar and they told me they saw her with someone else.
MO: I would like to commend you for being too honest.
6. Have you ever lied in a chismis show regarding chismis about you?
- No..
7. What's the better tv station, GMA 7 or ABS CBN 2?
- That's hard to answer. Coz they are 2 different stations in some way... I started with GMA. Ok, so its like, ABS is a better station in terms of show, while GMA is a better station in terms of treating their talents...
MO: Yah, I agree on that...They almost pamper their talents...
8. You said you are a part of the Barako Boys? Pick 4 and in a fist fight who would win?
- Myself. I think Carlo Maceda is the hardest one to beat.

9. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
- 14 man.
Mo: 13?
- 14 man.
Mo: How dare of me to say 13.
- It was something special.
10. I'm gonna name 5 names and give me the corresponding animal to each? And why?
- Alessandra de Rossi - Lion, coz she tends to be too loud, how she commands everybody, she's brave.
- Desiree del Valle - A Bird. She's the sweetest thing.
Mojojo: I like birds, what kind of bird?
- Roxanne Barcelo - Hyena (one that transforms in diffent sexual preference)
- Andi9 - Fox
- Mojojojo - Crocodile. I think he's dangerous.
Mojojo: Nope. I'm an alligator.
11. Have you ever been offered money by a DOW or gay dude? How much?
- Yes, funny thing, I was offered a year ago, and just he told me he wanted to see me, and was a manager of some sort and I think I knew him before from talent center, he is a gay and he told me a friend of his wants to meet me and they're gonna pay me 200,000 and they told me we're gonna stay in this hotel. What kind of guy do you think I am? I think it's 200 or 250,000 i think..
Mojojo : Ang cheap mo naman..
MO : I am insulted i never had one of those. Even 5,000, I think at least give me a flat rate.
12. Bad encounter w/ a local celebrity? You or someone close to you
- This is hard coz if I'm gonna answer this, I'm going to say a name of one of the most powerful person. I haven't encountered big stars, but its with my niece and sister in law, from a family member. The story is, OK this sounds funny. A Tito of mine works in Abs Cbn. She brought my sister in law and niece to watch the show. And one break time the 2 wanted to take pictures with this famous celeb, of course they were starstrucked with this celebrity so they took out their camera... My niece, she was like 2 or 3 they were taking time. The celebrity told my niece ano ba ang tagal tagal nyo itulak kita jan eh.
Everybody was thinking it was Kris Aquino.
MO : Luis, was it ?
- Yes. Celebrities have their own bad days. It was just one bad day. Yes it was Kris Aquino..
MO : You need to go 30.
13. Best Kisser, Desiree or Polo Raveles?
- Desiree.
Out of 10, how many guys have you kissed? Holy crap you have to think, how many?
- Once every single day.. Polo Ravales, Christian Vasquez. During shoots when we were doing movies and stage shows.
MO : Whos the better kisser? Paolo Paraiso, Polo Ravales, Christian Vasquez?
- I can't remember. Maybe Christian. Coz honestly it was my first time to kiss a guy, I don't do it on TV, just on stage, it wasnt just as memorable but wala yun lang yon eh. It was sort of french kiss but without tongue.

14. Almost half way bro, luis, which celeb has the worst B.O?
- I haven't been hanging around w/ celebs so I don't know who... I can name a good friend, I think he smokes a lot, Paolo Paraiso.

15. Who in show business is the worst dresser?
- Have to be famous?
Mojojo : At least notable
- Carlos Agassi
Mo : You know what? Isang apir to that. Yellow pants is you know... Ahhh
16. Have you ever almost had a fistfight with a local celeb?
- I haven't. Almost yes.. Can I say Hi to my friends, Butch, Paul, Mon Castro, and Cj. With Carlos. It was a scene na kukunan sa dulo ng walang hanggan, we rehearsed it in the wrong way, nung actual take na, he grabbed me from my back and then he threw me on the table, that wasn't supposed to be the scene. when you're doing that, me as an actor, us as actors, we should know what we do and how we choreograph the scene. I think the food on the table was adobo, food spilled on me all over my clothes, and I got mad and then asked ano ba?
14 More to save Andi's job.
Caller : Are you also in Pangako Sa'yo?
Luis : Yes
Caller : I think Luis is doing great though the questions are doing him hard time I know you can do it.
Mo : Andi you owe him a valentine's date. Now is your chance, Andi just admitted she has a crush on you, and her cheeks are red.
Mojojo : Oh my God, you are blushing!
17. There's a new movie coming out and its called we are the worst actors, who plays the leading man and who plays the leading woman?
- Actor I think, I don't know the last name. I do think in show business, in years you've been in this line, I think Gerald Anderson.
Mojojo : He's really cute but his acting is really bad.
MO : Good looks has nothing to do with here. If its only for looks, then they are gonna be given any award.
- Actress - Sandara Park
Mo : 2 weeks in a row, she's cute but a lot have voted for Sandara. Hero said Sandara for every question

18. Who in showbusiness is the most plastic person?
- Including reporters?
MO : No, I have separate question for reporters.
- Jobert.
Mo : O suck-oldito?
Mojojo : SuKa-ldito?
Jobert Sucaldito. He was writing nasty things about me. When I saw him he was like - O Luis kamusta ka na?
Mo : He's not a celebrity, more of showbiz parasite. Ahem, I'm sorry.
- I told you awhile ago about my niece and sister in law? Yes Kris Aquino. She's good to me but how can you explain what she did to my family members?
MO : A text came in, Gerald Anderson managed by Jobert Sucaldito? What a shocker, good times!

19. Showbiz girls you tried flirting with? And tried to hook up with but got turned down?
- Kaye Abad. I dont flirt with my showbiz friends. Nothing serious, my friends tease me but i dont get flirty

20. Fill in the blanks : Andi9 should stop doing _ And start doing __
- Stop being snobbish. At first she was. And then start going to work. I don't know, I haven't started hanging out with her.

21. You need to get 30 to save her job. What's the worst billboard in Edsa?
- I forgot the brand name. I think sina Iwa Moto, somewhere in North Edsa. I think Danilo Barrios. I forgot the clothing line.
Mo : It wasn't the worst billboard, I love that billboard, its visually offensive, it's Michael V's billboard.
- And also the BNY billboard. And the Ellen Beauty Products.
Mo : Horrible.
Caller : Who do you think is the worst Magic DJs?
- I'm not familiar with any name.
22. We need 8 hard ones... Which celeb couple you think will not last?
- Considering what you have said, I think Rufa Mae and Erik Santos.
23. Which female celeb could have had admitted having plastic surgery?
- Angelika dela Cruz. The chin part.

24 & 25 .This is gonna be the hardest questions. I'm gonna get you out before 30 coz I want Andi suspended. If you can take the following line dude we know you're gay, who will that be?
- Admit it you're gay, one is Uma Khouny.
Paolo Ballesteros. For those who are saying, I've been hearing Piolo's name. No he's not. The guy is so nice...
MO : You know, i don't believe Piolo is one, he's nice, he acts like one of the British, you know the feminine type. Just like Piolo, very nice, but easily attacks, why coz man, big star, he's a superstar and I mean, its me talking and I believe he's not.

26. Have you ever pleasured yourself with thoughts of andi9?
- No.
Andi - Thanks for being so honest..
Mojojo : I believe he lied.
Caller thought of Luis not lying with his answer.
MO : Look at me in the eyes, have you ever pleasured yourself with the thoughts of Andi?
- No.
Caller believed he sounds convincing..
27. Many celebrities come here and admitted it, have you ever slept w/ a fan?
- No
MO : Almost? Sure?
- No
Mo : Halfway there?
- No
Andi : Somebody was complaining coz we should have given you 1 pt for each animal question
MO : No, it was an easy question.

28. Local celebrity you dislike working with, like when you see their name on the line up you say like darn?
- I worked with him in stage play, Jay Manalo. He's working attitude or ano, for stage ha, it really pisses me off.

29. Tap out time, Luis. Don't check your phone coz people will say "dont answer"... here we go, fire in the hole, who's better in bed, you can tap out right here, at 29 who's better in bed, Roxanne Barcelo or Alessandra de Rossi?
- The thing is, I haven't slept with Alex....
Name 3 people you've slept with, famous only?
MO : Lets have a deal, tap out or not? Deal or no deal?
- No.. I'm not gonna tap out on that question....
MO : Ok its a deal, i give you 1 point for every name you answer, if you answer 3 lets get to 32...
- Including my girlfriends of course. The other one is pretty, not pretty popular but yes she's pretty... you know her...
1 : Desiree del Valle
2 : Tin Arnaldo
3 : Kat Alano - you told me i have to be honest, so...
30-32. Luis, I want you to kiss mojojo on the lips. Everybody has done that except me, it's a dare thing..
Mojojo : Just imagine that we are in the Brokeback Mountain.
MO : Luis, if Natalie Portman is here and you say like you have to kiss mojojo to save natalie's job, what are you gonna do?
Andi : He already kissed Mojojo.
MO : No, I said if I'm not satisfied with the kiss like lolo apo, then I won't count it in... Shut up now, go
with the smooching... I need a drum roll...
Andi : Oh my God, he's ready now grabbing you Mojojo...
MO : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Mojojo : Yeahhhhh, I love it...OMG, mojojo was really so damn kilig....
MO : This is awesome, an open mouth kiss.
Mojojo : Oh my he's a better actor
MO : Who's a better kisser?
Mojojo : Soft lips, oh my, with Luis here, I felt something ...

33. Craziest place youve done it?
- Laundry area. You have to find ways when you're young...

34. Which showbiz reporter you dislike the most, you hate?
- He managed Biboy Ramirez's and Marvin Agustin's PR.. Joey Diego... He picks on me all the time.. I know he did this, he was just so ungentleman with me..
35. Luis, how big is your wang?
- 6 1/2
36. Give me your cellphone and let me read 7th message down..
From EPOY, You can do it man!
37. Have you tried any illegal drugs?
- Yah
- Mary jane
- Yes

38. What's the worst television show on TV right now?
- I dont know if its still airing, PDA.. Instantly they can make it celebrities which i think they cannot handle it that easy...

39. Is there a Luis Alandy sex tape? Never took a picture of yourself in nude?
- I'm not really into that..
Mojojo : Are you open coz I have a camera right here... (laughs)
We dare you to perform a little dance..
- I can't dance..

40. When was the last time you read pornographic mag?
- Dianne Lane... 3 weeks ago...
Pick 1 to kiss when you go 40...
Who do you want to kiss?
- Of course Andi...

Congratulations to Luis Alandy for answering all 40 questions!

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