Hero Angeles Transcript in DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

Are you gay?
Hero: No. Cristy (Fermin) made straight guys gay and gay guys straight
Worst thing done to a fan?
Hero: (stutters) He discovered a fan that is like Cristy Fermin and cleared himself (huh)
Man crush?
Hero: Spongecola 
Better Network? GMA
Given 5 names, give animal:
Sandara Park... new specie, innocent looking creature
Alfie Lorenzo... furry animal, walrus, coz of the moustache
Joseph Bitangcol... bird (bird! giveaway na naman!)
Cristy Fermin... definitely an animal, more like a frog (the voice) (you touch you get warts - dj mo)
Herbert Angeles (his brother/manager)...hawk, ready to attack for defense
Bad encounter with a local celeb?
Hero: Heart Evangelista, after SCQ may auditions for a new soap tapos machika si Heart. Then after hindi makuha si Hero deadma na sya kay Hero. After a year nagtext uli si Heart to get Sandara's number.
Have you ever cheated on a GF?
Hero: No (dapat ang question, have you ever had any!lol)
Worst billboard?
Hero: Panday, in Cubao mrt. Tapos na ang show pero andun pa rin.
Have you lied in a showbiz chismis show?
Hero: no, only sugar coating promo on tv shows
Then someone called in to say that "nakakairita na sya kaya magtagalog na lang sya"
Worst TV show in ABS-CBN?
Hero: Wowowee, because of the stampede and the anomaly there of someone in the show that takes 40% of the prizes. (Ace Vidanes)
Better loveteam? Sandara/Hero or Sandara/Joseph?
Hero: Sandara/Hero
Cristy Fermin needs to stop doing?
Hero: Libelous acts (but he cant tell her to do good things because he knows she won't do it)
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Hero: between 19 and 20 years old, not memorable though
Rate Sandara as a kisser from 1-10? (original question: better kisser Sandara or Sarah - haven't kissed Sarah though)
Hero: 1(lowest). Just a screen kiss, during the shooting she runs around the church and hides in the van coz she doesn't want to, she want Joseph daw lol
Sinong artista ang feeling sikat?
Hero: Rachel (yung teacher sa Pinoy Big Brother), paglabas nya feeling talaga
Showbiz hottest mom?
Hero: Donita Rose
Then callers, struck again, saying:
James from QC: Bayaran dapat ang mga utang nya. Magtagalog ka na lang Hero.
Jen: he's gay. We have common friends. He's so weak. Not a good way to go back to showbiz.(fake daw according to DJ Mo Twister)
What do you think is Cristy Fermin's email address?
DJ Mo: satansmistress@yahoo.com
Hero: loveyounak@yahoo.com
Worst B.O.?
Hero: none encountered so far
Slept with anyone famous?
Hero: no..too early to say (Hero put his hand in his mouth and DJ Mo said he was lying)
Sandara needs to stop playing innocent and start?
Hero: stop playing innocent and being herself
Worst Actor/actress?
Hero: Joebert and Cristy (nag guest sila sa Bituin Walang Ningning),
Victor Basa and Sandara Park
Most Plastic?
Hero: Kris Aquino, she's always being friendly on cam
Worst dresser?
Hero: (after a long time)...Cristy Fermin 
Crush ni Hero before si Roxanne Guinoo
Local female celeb you hit on but not interested with you?
Hero: Kim Chiu
Celeb couple that will break up next?
DJ Mo: Cristy and Shrek
Hero: Rufa Mae Quinto and Erik Santos

 Have you ever slept with a fan?
Hero: no
Who's gay in showbiz (closet queen)? Admit it dude, you're gay (the question)
Hero: (took a very long time to answer) Uma Khouny
Local celeb you dislike working with?
Hero: Toni Gonzaga (she always shouts, when she's hosting)
When was the last time you pleasured yourself?
Hero: last week
How big is your wang?
Hero: above average
Big reality stars who doesn't fit showbiz?
Hero: Sandara Park, she went back to Korea for a not so clear reason at parang hindi hindi sineryoso ang career. (nagwala si DJ Mo nang naisama si Say Alonzo sa list ni Mojo Jojo, DJ Mo and Say Alonzo, also has an ongoing word war, because DJ Mo says he doesn't know Say, to which Say says not true, she meet Mo and he even came up to her)
Who needs to admit that plastic surgery was done on them?
Hero: Sandara Park (ang dinig ko,cheeks, pero sabi dito samin, Hero daw said, eyelids, uso daw sa Korea, baka yun daw ang isa sa mga rason na pumunta sa Korea)
then nagpromote si Hero: his movie "Stockroom" will be shown in feb or march daw
Most over-rated director?
Hero: Joey Reyes (Jose Javier Reyes), (naging director na nya before)
Which showbiz reporter do you dislike the most:
Hero: Regie Bonoan (a friend of Cristy Fermin)
Which new local celeb do you want to bed with?
Hero: Asia Agcaoili
Kiss Mojo Jojo on the lips..
Madaming cameras daw sa booth kaya medyo asiwa sya (he is also with his parents) He tapped out..
When a guest celeb taps out, the next suceeding questions are not anymore asked.


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