Billy Crawford Transcript in DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Billy: Mom, go back to sleep...15.
Worst thing done drunk?
Billy: Got into a big fight. In France, in a club. I have a lot of patience, but when it involves loved ones, it's a different story. Some guy shouted bad words to my mother and my girlfriend in a club.
Who is a better performer, Billy Crawford or Gary V?
Billy: I'll say Kuya Gary, he's my idol.
What are you better than Gary V.?
Billy: I guess right now when it comes to dancing.
Have you slept with a fan?
Billy: yeah, actually
Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?
Billy: Yeah, I was young and immature
Billy: If I was gay, can I say Megatron from Transformers. No, I'd say Brad Pitt.
GMA is better than ABS-CBN because
Billy: GMA, because they're hotter. I started, grew up with GMA. Back then, people can bounce from GMA, to ABS-CBN, to RPN, but now, the competition is crazy. If you promote
something, you're stuck with one station.
Last time you pleasured yourself?
Billy: I was really busy, from the airport to presscons. I'd say before I left LA, first week of June. I'm fully loaded right now, I'm ready to explode!
How big is your wang?
Billy: I wouldn't say big or small, I'd say normal size.
Mojo: Some celeb who guested here stats: Troy said he is a 9.5 incher, Eric Fructouso said he is a 7.5 incher and pulled out his wang to show it here
Billy: I'd say 6 to 8 inches
Andi9: People are calling that you're lying
Billy: You mean, people are calling that they think I'm smaller?!
What's the 7th message on your inbox?
7th message: from LAW: Super good, miss you already, lol
Billy: it's from my lawyer
Mo: You're lawyer, a male or female?
Billy: A male. No, I changed the name, it's not really from my male lawyer, its from a female, non-celeb, I changed the name to LAW to hide.
Give Kuya Germs a fashion tip/s?
Billy: I want to see Kuya Germs more in jeans, sneakers and a regular shirt on TV.
Who's a better kisser, Mandy Moore or KC Concepcion?
Billy: KC Concepcion because with Mandy, I was very young. Tita Sharon, don't kill me!
How many one-night stands did you have?
Billy: 5 to 8. I was cheated once or twice by a girlfriend, around 2000-2003, it's upsetting, so I did.
Have you ever hit on a foreign celebrity but was turned down?
Billy: Nadiya, a French celebrity. I nearly got there, my GF and I broke up. She's dark-skinned, pretty eyes
Mo: Did you kiss her?
Billy: Yes, but she turned me down after...
Craziest place you've done it with?
Billy: on a train, going to London I think...
Mo: in a restroom?
Billy: No, while seated.
Have you slept with anyone famous?
Billy: International famous. I was too young when I left here, no local famous. You still have not introduced me to anyone here Mo!
Is there a Billy Crawford Sex tape out there?
Billy: yes, it's in the house. I watched it once, what the heck was I doing? That was the girl who cheated on me too...
Bad encounter with a celebrity?
Billy: I lived in France. I had lots of fun. But there are guys, ghetto rappers, I was a foreigner to them, they will get after me, we'd do shows, it's hard.
Have you been in a threesome?
Billy: No
Tried illegal drugs?
Billy: No! My father will really, really go angry.
Who are the famous celebrities you've slept with (one point for every name)
Billy: Lorie, Britney Spears of France, Jennifer, and some French celebrity I didn't catch her name
Who's better in bed, Mandy Moore or Lori?
Billy: Lorie
Mo: So Mandy Moore is not good in bed?!
Billy: No, I didn't say that I've slept with Mandy
Mo: but the question says who's better in bed, Mandy or Lorie and you said, Lorie!
Billy: No, I didn't sleep with Mandy. I was lucky, with Lorie, she's hot! We were together for 3 years, I was older. With Mandy, we were young, we were
together for a year, her mother is strict, her mom is her manager, and her father is a pilot. I don't want planes crashing into my house.

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