Borgy Manotoc Transcript in DJ Mo 40 Forbidden Questions

Worst thing done to a fan?
- Licked an ear of his fan’s grandma.

Cheated on a GF?
- Never

Man crush?
- John Hall

How far have he gone to check if his GF was cheating?
- Logged on her email to check if she was cheating

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
- 14 when he lost virginity with a 16 year old girl

Which male model has the worst Zoolander model look?
- Brent Javier, Polo Ravales

Bitchiest female model?
- Geneva Cruz

Most vain?
- Tim Yap

Worst billboard in EDSA?
- Bench with the disco balls

Tried too hook up with but failed desperately?
- Ina Raymundo; Nadja of MTV; Angel Aquino

How many 1-night stands?
- 7 or 8

Which model is an intellectual lightweight?
- Luke Jickain

Who’s the worst dressed celebrity?
- Gwen Garci

Have you had a threesome?
- Yes, only once with two girls.

How long is the wang?
- 7 inches

When was the last time you pleasured yourself?
- Yesterday morning

If you and Jay-R (the singer) get into a fist fight who’ll win?
- Me

Is true you tried to get Jay-R (the singer) deported?
- No

Line “dude we all know you’re gay so just admit it”?
- Sam Milby

Who needs to admit they had plastic surgery?
- Pops Fernandez

Worst celebrity politician?
- Cesar Montano (he has no chance of winning)

What’s studio 23’s worst show?
- Men’s Room

What’s the most you’ve been offered by a gay or dol?
- Car and condo unit

Can’t stand working with?
- Bubbles Paraiso

Most plastic?
- KC Montero

Local designer you like least?
- Designer of Victor Jeans

Poorly run city by a politician?
- Manila

Bad encounter with a politician?
- Erap

Craziest place he had sex?
- In a photo studio in between dresses

Net worth?
- 100million

Better in bed, Sarah Meier (ex-gf) or Ornusa Cadness?
- Ornusa

Have you slept with anyone famous?
- Lana Asanin, Victoria London, Vina Morales (said it like he’s ashamed to admit it)

Please I can’t believe you’re a model?
- Robbie Manaquil

How many times have gone out without any underpants?
- Occasionally.

- Organic only nothing processed.

POSTSCRIPT: Borgy had successfully gone through the 40 forbidden questions (actually 36 questions plus 4 extra points for naming more than one person in some of the questions thrown at him).


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